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Awele's dedicated customs professionals assist you with clearing goods
through customs agencies around the world, helping you comply with all
relevant rules and regulations at both origin and destination.
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Submitting key documents late or with inaccuracies can result in delays, inspections, fees, and fines. Our technology platform enables seamless coordination and provides all stakeholders with real-time, actionable alerts to ensure documents are submitted on time β€” keeping your shipments on schedule and on budget.
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Before importing a product, you must identify its Harmonized System (HS) Code to calculate related duties, tariffs, and other taxes. Our team of customs brokers serves as your second line of defense, helping to validate product classifications to prevent costly mistakes and ensure your goods arrive at their destination compliantly.
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Awele has helped hundreds of people optimize their freight shipments, digitally transform operations, and grow their businesses

We work for accurate and brilliant
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Using a combination of breakthrough technology and data Awele
is making global trade with the African continent smoother.