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Awele makes international shipping of vehicles and heavy goods as easy as booking a flight online- cheaper, safer and faster. Combining advanced technologies, data analytics and years of international shipping experience, we’re building a next-generation technology to simplify every aspect of international shipping and trade, including obtaining quotes, submitting shipment information, monitoring shipping status, transferring funds, and declaring custom tariffs.
For the Shippers, we simplify their painful shipping experience by providing instant accurate quotes, transparent prices, vetted service providers, and easy to use technology. For logistics providers, we automate their time-consuming internal processes (shipment management, realtime tracking, etc), so they can spend the time we save them to serve more customers and grow their business.

Our mission is to make international shipping of heavy goods cheaper, faster and safer.

Our vision is to build an ecosystem that connects everyone in the international shipping value chain, empowering buyers, sellers and logistics providers of all sizes to grow and thrive.

Committed to Safe, Reliable, and Affordable Global ShippingTeam

The Team

Godfrey Okeke

Godfrey is a serial entrepreneur & research scientist. For the past 10+ years, Godfrey has been shipping cars and other heavy items between Europe, China, US, Canada and Africa. Vexed by the unbridled inefficiencies he experienced with international freight-shipping, he founded Awele to fix this problem. Prior to Awele, Godfrey spent a decade as a Research Scientist and Post Doctoral Fellow designing digital signal processing algorithms for 4G/LTE-Advanced cellular networks.

Peter Nsaka
Advisor - Software Engineering

Peter is a seasoned software developer, who has established several startups in his career. He thrives on taking on tough and genuine challenges, which can make a significant difference to society. With his wealth of experience in the tech industry, Peter has a keen eye for identifying innovative solutions to complex problems. His passion for coding and entrepreneurship is evident in his startup ventures and collaborative projects.

Ike Okonkwo
Advisor - Data Science

Ike, a Data Scientist, extracts insights and builds data-driven products. He democratizes data and AI to deliver real value and bridge gaps in underserved regions. Ike's specialties include Python, R, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Predictive Modeling, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, and NLP. He writes on Data Science education and related topics at and

We work for accurate and brilliant
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Using a combination of breakthrough technology and data Awele
is making global trade with the African continent smoother.