FCL Shipping Services and Options

Awele offers access to hundreds of FCL sailings that work
with the dynamics of your supply chain. With services that
span between 10 to 50 days, we have teams at origin and
destination that can help you optimize each shipment for
cost, route, or transit time.
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Ship with Trusted
Carriers and Unmatched Visibility

Awele has partnerships across all major shipping compnaies, ensuring your cargo sails on the schedules you need with carriers you can trust. And with Awele's GPS-tracked vessels and third-party data, you get greater end-to-end visibility.
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Data-Powered Transit Time
Estimates for Better Planning

Awele delivers transit time estimates based on an advanced data model that incorporates carrier schedule information, historical shipment data such as port dwell time, and real-world conditions such as the distance between the port and final destination, to empower more accurate supply chain planning.
  • Highest quality and safety freight services
  • Bespoke assessment and management
  • Dedicated project staff contact

Say goodbye to the endless spreadsheets, emails,
and headaches and say hello to your team’s new logistics launchpad.


Customer Success Stories

Awele has helped hundreds of people optimize their freight shipments, digitally transform operations, and grow their businesses

We work for accurate and brilliant
transportation of all your shipment

Using a combination of breakthrough technology and data Awele
is making global trade with the African continent smoother.